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Project Preserve: the Animals

This is the third and final video in my Project Preserve series! It's about how animals are treated in the meat and dairy industries. This is perhaps the hardest truth to face regarding this subject, but I do not include... Continue Reading →


Project Preserve: Body & Health

Hi everyone! This is the second video in my Project Preserve series. Here I talk about the effects that meat and dairy have on your body and health and what benefits come with a vegan diet. I also answer some... Continue Reading →

Project Preserve: The Environment

For my Senior Synthesis class, each student must conduct her own project about something she is passionate about! For mine, I chose to make a three-part video series on how the meat and dairy industries affect the environment, our personal... Continue Reading →

Meiosis Video Project

Here is the stop-motion video I made with Natalie Smith about Meiosis!

Music Therapy Interview

An interview I conducted for my Senior Synthesis religion class with Shelley Tsao, a musical therapist, about her career and life!

Accessory Pigments

This is a video I made for AP Bio answering the question Why do plants have accessory pigments? How (on a molecular level) do they help plants survive?

The Science of Laughter

My Breakthrough Junior Challenge Video exploring the science behind laughter!

Water Suspension Mystery

A video investigating how water can seemingly defy gravity!

Introduction to Anni

This is a video introducing me that I made for my AP Biology class senior year!

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