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What on Earth is Wolbachia?!

Wolbachia: Discover the Microbes Within The final lab of the year was about Wolbachia. This lab was super interesting and a great summary of the content and lab skills we have learned throughout the whole year! Purpose The purpose of... Continue Reading →


All About the Marburg Virus

In our investigation of the Marburg Virus, Michelle Leung and I discovered many interesting and important things, which we organized into this infographic! Check it out! This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Science & Ethics: Gene Therapy

No matter what you study about DNA technology, ethics and morals are almost always connected. Check out me and Keira Cruickshank's presentation to learn all about DNA technology, Gene Therapy, and the ethical questions that surround this fascinating topic! Since... Continue Reading →

Huntington’s Disease VoiceThread

For AP Bio's Genetics and Health Symposium, Veronica Zehnder and I researched and taught about Huntington's Disease using the platform VoiceThread. This was such a humbling and informative project, and I encourage you to check it out here!

Strawberry DNA Extraction

For this Above & Beyond opportunity, I got to extract strawberry DNA using just soap, water, salt, and rubbing alcohol! Watch this video to see how and why this worked and learn more about DNA and how to extract it!... Continue Reading →

All About Meiosis

Meiosis is the process by which a single cell divides two times to produce four daughter cells. Each of these daughter cells contains half of the original amount of genetic information from the original cell and are these cells are... Continue Reading →

Time Spent in Stages of Cell Cycle (lab)

Title: Time Spent in Stages of  the Cell Cycle Purpose: To observe how much time cells spend in each stage of the cell cycle (interphase, Mitosis). Introduction/Background: In growing plant roots, the cells at the tip/bottom of the root are... Continue Reading →

Accessory Pigments & Photosynthesis (Driving Question)

We all know that Chlorophyll is pretty good at its job, so why do plants need Accessory Pigments? How do they help plants more efficiently photosynthesize? Explore the answer to this question in the video below!

For the Love of Laughter (BTC)

Hello! For my Breakthrough Junior Challenge video, I investigated and explained the science behind laughter. Laughter is something that is truly beautiful, interesting, funny, and diverse -- and most of us take it for granted without even thinking about it!... Continue Reading →

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