Wow! The AP Bio Exam has come and gone! On Monday Team AP Bio got the chance to show off everything we have learned over the course of the year on the AP exam! It was a stressful but rewarding test because we have all been working so hard to learn as much as we can and had to confine all of that knowledge to a mere three-hour test.

Needless to say, my favorite part of the test was the snack break (shout out to Keira for bringing yummy treats for everyone)! Other than that, the exam really took a lot out of me — both studying for it and the actual test.

We have been learning the information that we needed throughout the whole year, so when it came to studying for the exam I went over notes and materials with an emphasis on review — not trying to learn new things. Something that was particularly helpful for test prep was practicing FRQ’s and essay questions, which we have been doing all year!

The actual exam is split up into 2 sections — multiple choice and free response — and time management is key. The questions had a wide range in difficulty just like any other test, so it was important for me to answer the questions I knew right away and not spend too long staring at a question that I wasn’t sure about. Instead, I’d circle it and come back to it later to make sure that I answered as many questions as I could. Short answer questions posed more of a problem for me in the time management department. I found myself spending too much time going into more detail than was necessary. I skipped around on the short answer questions too, making sure I got points for answers that I knew I could nail!

Thanks to the amazing work and dedication of Mrs. Girard, I felt very prepared for the exam! Now that may not necessarily translate to a perfect score of 5 on the test, but I feel proud knowing that I studied as hard as I could and tried my best. I am eager and a little anxious to find out my score, but I know I will calm down as time goes on. The AP Exam being over is quite bittersweet because I’m happy that it’s over and done with, but sad that my time in the amazing AP Bio class and at Notre Dame is coming to an end…

As we wait for exam results, there is one extremely important thing to remember for myself and all other students out there: test grades do NOT define who you are or what you are worth!!!

Team AP Bio studying it up at the tide pools!