Never, ever give up. This is the lesson that Diana Nyad teaches through example. I watched her Ted Talk and was amazed by how strong and inspiring she is. This awesome woman swam 100 miles from Cuba to Florida at age 64. This may be a bit embarrassing to admit, but by about 6 minutes into the video, I was tearing up a bit. Her talk was so amazing and inspiring. I know that it will give hope to whoever hears her story.

I absolutely love how she emphasized that she didn’t accomplish this feat alone. She had a team, without which she would not have succeeded. I liked this because it shows how we never have to do things alone. All tasks that seem daunting can be made possible through teamwork and support. Another part of her talk that will stick with me is it’s about the journey too (not just the destination) and how you get there. How you grow as a person when you reach for the horizon and when you work hard to get there is just as important as the end goal.

Personally, I have a lot of dreams. (Though none as intimidating as swimming from Florida to Cuba). I want to remain a vegan for the rest of my life. I want to get better at art, and I want to write a song. However, the dream that I work the most towards is that I want to work for the CDC or another non-profit so that I can travel around the world helping people and protecting/improving public health and quality of life for those who are not as fortunate as us. Seeing as I have no real concrete idea of how I can make this happen for sure, of course, I have doubted this dream. However, I know that if I work hard, learn a lot, and help people as much as I can, I can make that dream come true.

I already know that I’ll be watching Diana’s talk again whenever I need inspiration or fuel. Diana attempted this feat 4 times before being successful, and each time she grew in perseverance. Knowing that each failure brings everyone one step closer to achieving his or her goals inspires me. I’ll leave you with this quote from Diana: “You have a dream…and if you believe and you have faith, and if you can get knocked down and get back up again…you can find your way.”

I encourage you to check out Diana Nyad’s talk here!

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