Semester 1 of AP Bio has been an adventure and a challenge! Along with learning about biology and the world around me, I have learned loads about technology as well! I have always held biology as my favorite subject in school, and this class has reinforced that value even more!

The use of technology in AP Bio has greatly enhanced my learning experience! Before this class, I had never made my own website before. This was a very daunting task, but as I look through my website now, I see that it was not as scary as I thought it would be — in fact, it has been such an amazing adventure. Creating and designing my website has opened doors for me to express educational and intellectual ideas/lessons in a fun and personal way. Also, this has given me the chance to improve my personable, blog-style writing skills, which we do not get to do in a typical school day.

This use of technology has also made me put myself in the shoes of someone who is not in this class themselves. Readers of these blogs may not have learned the information that we have learned, which begs the questions: What will readers like or not like? Will they understand what I’m trying to say here? Should I reword any of this? This helped me gain a better understanding of the material — much like how it’s one thing to learn the material, but a very different thing to actually teach and explain the material to others!

I am proud of the website I have created and glad that I have the opportunity to create this digital portfolio! I have even put links to this website in college essays and resumes because this website has both About Me videos and demonstrations of academic projects. My movie making and editing skills have greatly improved because of media projects, and I have even learned to be more comfortable in front of a camera! I am so grateful for this website because it is a way to publically display what we have learned and what we have worked so hard to produce!

Semester 1 has given me an outlet to think creatively and demonstrate what I have learned through the use of technology. I’m excited to learn even more, and I can’t wait to see how much my website will have changed and grown up by graduation!