Meiosis is the process by which a single cell divides two times to produce four daughter cells. Each of these daughter cells contains half of the original amount of genetic information from the original cell and are these cells are not identical to each other, which accounts for genetic diversity. The cells produced by Meiosis are our sex cells — sperm in males and eggs in females.

I believe that this project was very beneficial. Because it was stop-motion, that means that we had to pay incredible and detailed attention to the step-by-step processes of mitosis and what had to happen in order for the cell to get from stage to stage. We had to be paying attention to the movements of parts of the cell and how the stages all connect to each other. For this reason, I am sure that I won’t forget the stages of meiosis for as long as I live!

Here’s a video made by Natalie Smith and I summarizing this process!