A few days ago I had the amazing experience of participating in Face the Future. Face the Future is a worldwide online game about the future of empathy. In this game, players are transported into the future, in which amazing scientific technology allows you to feel what other people are feeling. This is the introductory video to the game!

I absolutely loved playing this game for many reasons. One reason is that it was surprisingly realistic. Although the technology that would allow us to feel other people’s emotions is not upon us quite yet, the world is well on its way. Just look at Fitbits for example! They already provide biodata and tracking of our bodies, and I am sure they will continue to become even more scientifically advanced. Another reason I loved this game was because it allowed the sharing of ideas with people from all over the globe! Together as a big community we were able to discuss and share our thoughts about this future. What would be beneficial? What might be detrimental? What could some next steps be? My personal thoughts are that this technology would be both good and bad. People would be able to feel so much more empathetic towards others because of this technology. When you can feel someone else’s pain, that pain becomes much more real and you are more driven to help and support that person in any way you can. It could also be very helpful in the medical field for better patient-doctor communication! For instance, a doctor could feel how a person in a coma is doing. But it also could be bad because technology can always be hacked, and this would provide the potential of spreading mass emotions like fear or anger — like using emotions as a form of biological warfare.

Overall I think this game was amazing. I believe that it is important to look to the future so that we can do our best in the present to ensure safe and happy times ahead. Changes are already starting to happen all around us, and when we face the future we can try to make sense of those changes and be prepared for them. In the words of Jane McGonigal, a creator of this game, “Thinking about the future today prepares us to make history tomorrow.”

Thanks for reading! If you want more information about Face the Future, visit the website: http://info.facinghistory.org/facethefuture !